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“With a Master’s degree in Computer Science from nagarjuna university, I have been in IT industry for 3 years. I’ve gained extensive experience in all aspects of software engineering, including software design, systems architecture, application programming, and QA testing. Currently I’m a software engineer with LitmusInfoSec and have worked on several software development projects for our clients. As the lead developer, I designed and developed a web-based food processing management system for RedFields Producers to help the company increase productivity by 30%. I’m skilled in the latest techniques such as web services and SOA, proficient with the new languages like C# and Rudy on Rail. I’m always focused on building robust software systems to meet our customer’s needs. One of my major strengths is that I work very hard and continually look for ways to provide the highest quality products and services while reducing the time and costs to complete the project. I am self-motivated and enjoy working in a team environment. I’m looking for an opportunity to work for a growing company where I can contribute my hands-on experience and grow my career with the company. By some research I found that yours is the type of companies I really want to work with.”

Please describe your experience preparing written documents? Who was your audience?
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Give all documentations you made or you may have created.

“I’ve created tons of documentations in my past jobs, such as…”

Here’s list of documentations common for IT:

Requirement Analysis document
Functional Specification
Technical Specification
User’s Manual
Technical Guide
Operational Procedures Guide
Coding Convention Doc
Project Proposal
RFP – Requirement for Proposal
RFO – Request for Offer
FSR – Feasibility Study Report
BCP – Budget Change Proposal

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