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Name some of the top level objects which ADO consists?

1. Connection object is responsible for creating a connection to the database.
2. Record object represents data which is not from the database.
3. Parameter object represents a sql parameter
4. Stream object is responsible to represent data from a text page or web page.

What is the purpose of connection pooling in ADO.NET?

Connection pooling enables an application to use a connection from a pool of connections that do not need to be re-established for each use. Once a connection has been created and placed in a connection pool, an application can reuse that connection without performing the complete connection creation process.

If you have more than one lakh rows in database table,while printing that table in frontend performence will be degraded. for that what do you do to improve the performence?
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increase the execution time out in web.config (or)increase the connection time out in connection string

Diff Data Grid and Repeater

Datagrid is
* one which has advanced features and lets you do lot many things like paging and sorting your data without much effort.
* DataGrid can hold text data, but not linked or embedded objects.

Whereas a DataRepeater is
* which does not have the paging feature but we can do it by coding.
* one which can hold other controls and can embed objects.
* It can embed a Datagrid within it but not viceversa.

Apart from this a Data Repeater
--is used in places where you need more control over the rendering of your data
-- have very flexible templates that give you total control over the formatting of your data

Can you edit data in the Repeater control?

No, it just reads the information from its data source

Which ADO.NET object is very fast in getting data from database?

SqlDataReader object. (Note: Even datasets also use SqlDataReader objects internally for retriving data from database.)

Can you edit data in Repeater control?

No, it is readonly and forward only control so we can't edit data in repeater control.

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