Friday, March 26, 2010


Monitoring Solutions(Monsol) specializes in helping industry and government meet rapidly growing demands for air pollution monitoring and reporting due to changing regulatory requirements. CEMDAS is Web-Based Control and Monitoring Solutions' comprehensive Data Acquisition Software package for use with Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) Systems. CemMaster Ladder Software is another package for PLC, this system used to control valves, pumps, temperatures, flows, and store data temporarily.CEMDAS is collect emissions data extract from PLC, print reports, and provide an operator interface. Database used to store and manage all data in the CEM system. . CEMDAS has been satisfied the environmental monitoring needs of clients throughout the world in the electric utility, ethanol, pharmaceutical, chemical, petroleum, independent power producer, to name a few.
It is Highly Configurable by allowing modifications when user needs and requirements change.Pre-configured reports can be generated automatically or manually, and sent to a printer, the screen, or a disk file. Available reports include minute, hourly, daily, monthly and quarterly reports, along with calibration, availability and exceedance reports. Customized/Dynamic Reports are also available by provide a screen to user which parameters to get report based on aggregate functions and group by conditions.

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